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Copy the URL of your desired YouTube video

Now Paste the link in the YouTube tag extractor.

Click the "Extract Tags" button once you’ve pasted the link.

Now you will have a list of hidden tags from the videos.

What are YouTube Tags?

YouTube Tags act as the navigator between creators and YouTube’s algorithm. When you add relevant YouTube tags, you’re helping YouTube’s algorithm understand the video’s context. This way, you can reach your target audience effectively. YouTube tags are essential for influencing the YouTube search algorithm. So when viewers search for a particular video topic that is related to your niche, your videos rank higher on the search results on YouTube. 

A YouTube Tag Extractor tool gives you a set of relevant tags that work best for promoting your YouTube video. As tags are a part of Metadata, using a combination of YouTube tags that run closely with your video’s topic will boost your video’s performance. 

YouTube Views & Engagement Grow
YouTube Views & Engagement Grow

What is The YouTube Tag Extractor Tool ?

A YouTube Tag Extractor is a tool to extract YouTube tags or hidden tags from their competitor's videos. This way, it’s easy to understand what are the relevant tags that can be incorporated into your videos to boost their ranking in the search list. Through this tool, get tags that help with SEO and improving search results. YouTubers can generate more engagement on their videos and channel using this practice.

Why Should I Use A YouTube Video Tag Extractor?

Using the Tags Extractor tool, you can extract YouTube tags from any public video performing well or even competitors’ videos in your niche. This is highly useful for competitor analysis and adding useful metatags to your video to speed up its engagement on YouTube. Tags generated from the YouTube Tag Extractor tool help inform YouTube of the videos' contents, making it easier for them to reach specific audiences. By adding the URL of any video that is available on YouTube to the tool, find the best-performing tags quickly. 

YouTube Views & Engagement Grow
YouTube Views & Engagement Grow

How To Add Or Insert Tags On YouTube Video?

Inserting tags in your YouTube videos can optimize overall video SEO and help the video rank better on search pages. 

  • Go to YouTube Studio.

  • To upload the video, go to “Create”.

  • Click on “Upload Video”.

  • Look down in the Video Details section and click on “Show more”.

  • Under “Tags” add the tags extracted from VeeFly’s Tag Extractor.

How To Use Extracted YouTube Tags For Better Video Optimization ?

The tags drawn from your competitors' videos can be used to bring engagement and traffic, as you know they’re performing well. Creators can even extract tags from the best-going videos in a particular genre and add them to their videos to boost their performance.

YouTube Views & Engagement Grow
YouTube Views & Engagement Grow

Benefits Of Using The YouTube Tag Extractor Tool ?

There are several benefits of YouTube video tag extractor. Since this helps both algorithms and viewers drive better search results, YouTubers must incorporate extracted tags in their videos. Some other benefits include:

  • Understand what tags competitors use to optimize their video content.

  • Improve the performance of your video by adding relevant tags.

  • Make YouTube understand your video better so it shows and targets the relevant audience.

  • Capture niche searches using unique tags that give you a competitive advantage.


Target or Topic Tags

The tags that perform as the focus keyword of the whole video are Target tags. These tags explain the specific topic your video wants to convey and inform YouTube about the same. These tags are highly crucial; hence, are needed to choose wisely. 

General Tags

These set of tags are the broad range tags that narrate what your video broadly covers. They define in which category your video falls and what kind of content it covers as a whole. 

Sub-categorized Tags

These tags are the tags that refine your video. When the video consists of something unique, these tags come in handy. For example, videos that are a part of a series or playlist have these meta tags. 

Error Tags

These tags are the misspelled words that viewers usually enter when searching for one particular video. Error tags come in handy when your video topic is often misspelled and hard to find. 

Types of YouTube Videos Tag

VeeFly’s Tags Extractor helps creators fish out all kinds of metatags that make a video highly discoverable on YouTube. 

YouTube Views & Engagement Grow

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